Experts say expediency of cooperation with the International Monetary Fund is not obvious. "We have raised the retirement age, but the IMF still requires to increase the f gas tariffs for the population. That is, we meet requirements and get the new ones every year. Such collaboration does not find understanding among the Ukrainian people," politician, chairman of the Institute of Ukrainian politics Kost Bondarenko said.

According to him, under such circumstances, Ukraine needs to find other sources of funding that may be provided by China, Russia and other countries.

According to the director of the branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies Yuri Makogon, IMF does not consider the economic realities of the country and its features, when making such demands.

"Obviously, the IMF is not interested in our economic realities. They do not care that the rejection of the mandatory sale of foreign exchange earnings in Ukraine leads to the fact that the foreign currency accounts of exporters exceed deficit balance of payments of the country and monetary liberalization immediately provokes queues in currency exchange offices," he said.

Political analyst Andriy Zolotarev believes that the IMF's demands are often of anti-social character.
"They require currency liberalization, which in Ukraine leads to panic, people running to exchange the hryvnia to the dollar, and the IMF is not interested in the consequences of this," he said.

The experts also note that the current economic situation in Ukraine is complicated also by tough position of Russia on the issue of natural gas price, especially against the discounts made by the "Gazprom" to Italy, Czech Republic and Poland.

According to experts, if a new government will be formed in Ukraine following the elections, it must be guided only by the long-term national interests, paying less attention to advice and demands of the IMF and Russia.

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