Next year, light and music fountain will appear in the residential area Rusanivka in Kyiv,  chairman of the Kyivvodocanal PJSC Board Valery Chenchevoy told at the Kyivvodokanal press club meeting "Kyiv fountains: historical fate and the present", ForUm correspondent reports.

According to Chenchevoy, existing Rusanivka fountains have been already removed.

He recalled that pumping facilities of these fountains has been worn out, so this spring, they were barely able to run.

Chenchevoy also said that the new fountains will also appear on Obolonska embankment and the left bank in 2013. "In a year or two Kyiv will turn into the city of flowers and fountains," chairman of the Kyivvodocanal PJSC Board said. He said that the construction of new and reconstruction of existing fountains would be counducted at the investors' funds.

According to him, the greatest preference will be given to the construction of the city light and music fountains and floating fountains. The latter ones are the cheapest and most simple in their structure, they consist of a pump with buzzers and a float, which float on the surface of the pond. "The cost of the fountain is 200-280 thousand UAH," Chenchevoy said.

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