The current situation with the establishment of the election results is the worst in the history of Ukraine’s independence, deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission Zhanna Usenko-Chorna told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to her, the main violations occur during the vote counting and establishment of the results.

She noted that in some districts the results "are grossly rigged without any doubt."
"The voting results are established not only by physical force, but tear gas and administrative pressure as well. Today, there are many districts which, unfortunately, will be written in the history of Ukraine with very dirty ink," the deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission said.

Usenko-Chorna told reporters that a very difficult situation is at the DEC № 11 (Vinnytsia).
According to her, the data from this DEC have not been to the "Elections" electronic system. "Majority of the DEC, given that they do not like the result, blocked the introduction of data into "Elections" system, - she said, and added that the instructions of the CEC to solve this problem have not been implemented by the DEC.

Moreover, according to Usenko-Chorna, tonight there has been a serious emergency - the room, where the electoral documentation is kept, was opened and all of the packages, including those where there were ballots, were unpacked. "Now no one in the country can not take the responsibility to determine to which extent the electoral will fixed in the documentation meets the real," she said.
Usenko-Chorna stressed that so far 14 DECs have not delivered electronic data to the CEC.

Special attention was paid to the fact that the electronic data differs from the data in the protocols. According to deputy chairman, the Central Election Commission will carefully examine the protocols of DECs and PECs and establish the real results of the election. "Manuscripts do not burn," Usenko-Black said.

According to her, another major issue is the discrepancy between the number of voters on the same single-member and multi-member constituency.

The deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission stressed that the forgers were "incompetent and did not even bother to keep the arithmetic."



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