Controversial exhibition "Body Worlds", brought in Kyiv in the beginning of September, sparks interest and many questions. Artist Gunther von Hagens is a controversial German anatomist who invented the technique for preserving biological tissue specimens called plastination (replacementof body liquids with silicon).

The interest of guests is mainly focused on who these people were, why they willed their bodies to science and how their families reacted to this. Obviously, nobody could answer these questions, as identities of museum pieces are anonymous, and probably only Gunther von Hagens himself could tell how they appeared in the collection. The artist, unfortunately, has not come to Kyiv in person. That's why, either to answer guests' questions or to increase public interest to the event, the organizers of the exhibition arranged on the eve of Halloween a true spiritualistic seance.

On Halloween, the party has been particularly welcoming.

Guests were allowed to take photos in the first two halls and all comers had a chance to personate any Halloween character with the help of professional make-up artist.

There were many children and pupils among the guests of the show. Nobody was afraid and bravely passed from one body part to another under the guidance of young medical workers with green faces.

At noon, the time of the long-awaited spiritualistic seance finally came. For the first time the owners of the show have agreed to hold public experiment and entrusted their exhibit items to the parapsychologist, principal investigator of energoinformational fields' impact on human body, art therapist, seventh-generation mage and certified finalist of "Psychic showdown" Yulia Mechnikova. At the beginning, Yulia told what she had learned walking around the exhibition halls.

- All exhibit items have different stories, but I can tell you that all these people died naturally, without suffering. There are some, who willed their bodies to science while alive. As for religious beliefs, the origin of items was mainly Chinese and one had Afro-American roots. These are different cultures and they have different attitude towards bodies, the psychic said.

Two brave girls agreed to participate in the experiment, and a man from the muscles hall, posed as a runner, was chosen to be a "respondent".

- Information from spirits is like information from internet search engine. You ask a clear question and get clear answer, Yulia explained. - In order to prove or dismiss the answers we will ask the opinion of a doctor later.

Ritual items, like candles and water, were not allowed in the hall, thus Yulia decided to use sound vibrations to call the spirit and Taro-cards to learn his fate.

After some time the psychic announced her verdict - the "runner" was a young man, who did martial arts and dreamt about sport career, but failed due to trauma of vitals.

- The soul of this man would like to realize opportunities it did not have while alive - to be a champion, maybe. The soul's concerns are related to the fact that the body did not receive proper respect. This man had a potential to be an Olympic champion. However, while alive he did not have fame and respect. His pose of a runner does not correspond to his activities within the lifetime, Yulia told.

The girls in contact with the spirit asked whether the family agreed to donate the body for scientific use and why the exhibit item himself wanted to do it.

Having consulted the spirit, the psychic reported that the man was lonely and dedicated his whole life to his passions, sport in particular. People who agreed for plastination were distant relatives. The man considered his body as an instrument, source of pride, common element, thus he willed it to science.

After Yulia's report, the guests listened to the opinion of Viktor Sydorenko, surgeon and associate professor of the surgery department of the Bogomolets National Medical University. According to him, the man indeed died young and most probably was not a runner.  

- Analyzing the body, we can see that his legs are not long, and his has developed back muscles, rotator cuff and thigh muscles. With the same result, he could be a sportsman or a loader. For a Chinese, he is tall and strong enough man, who did not die by violence, the specialist stated.


Among other exhibit items, there were an adventure without particular occupation, whose wife decided to donate the body and a woman who died in a car accident and whose body has never been claimed. 

After the main part, all comers could take part in the experiment.

According to Yulia Mechnikova, on Halloween the spirits revisit the earth, and if you treat your ancestors respectfully you can communicate with them on this day and learn answers to any personal questions. All you need to do is to close your eyes, make three deep breaths and ask a question. Physiological feelings and color splashes will help you to understand the answer of the spirits.  

We do not know what other guests have asked, but ForUm has learned there will no apocalypses in 2012.

The next experiment was about physical perception - positive or negative feelings experienced by people standing near this or that body part. According to Yulia Mechnikova, it means you have problems with this or that organ and you want to take some positive energy from the similar healthy organ.

Before the experiment, the psychic controlled the pulse and pressure of the girls to compare the figures after the experiment. Then the test persons were taken to three exhibit items covered with cloth. Both girls stopped near the same box - human heart.

According to the parapsychologist, such subconscious choice means both participants of the experiment have problems with cardiovascular system.

- After standing near the box for some time, the beating amplitude of your heart has become more even, the expert stated.

When all the experiments finished Yulia Mechnikova told the guests that a public place like this exhibition is not the best place for communication with spirits, and it would be better to call them at home and before the All Hallows' Day is over. After such announcement, the guests ran home and journalists went to send the message from the first and the last press conference of spirits this year.
As the saying goes, believe it or not, but we are glad that even the spirits have confirmed that the humankind will live at least another year on this side. 

Anastasia Pika


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