Expenditures on social benefits have been increased in the Crimea budget. According to the Council of Ministers of Crimea, the corresponding changes made to the budget of the ARC at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Crimea on October 31.

As the finance minister of the ARC Mykola Skoryk explained, the proposed amendments were prepared in order to allocate funds for some urgent expenses from excess receipts for nine months of the year and reallocations.

In addition, changes are made in connection with the release of additional transfers from the state budget of Ukraine, as well as the distribution and redistribution of intergovernmental transfers and other costs, the press service of the ARC Council of Ministers said.

"First of all, amendments provides for additional subsidy to Crimea for salaries in the amount of 42.6 million UAH. Much of these funds will be directed to the regions of the autonomy. 8.4 million UAH are allocated for the costs of energy sources for the republican institutions, 1.2 million UAH - for providing the disabled with benefits for payment utility bills and solid fuel," the press service statement reads.

Additional 1.4 million UAH will be directed to pay out pensions to health workers, additional targeted subsidy in the amount of 1.787 million UAH is allocated to the Republican Committee for Environment Protection for the development of border changes material and expansion of the Yalta mountain-forest reserve territory.



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