Yesterday, the unknown people sprayed tear gas at the ForUm photographer. The incident happened near the DEC № 215 in Desnyanskiy district of Kyiv, where the All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom" (Svoboda) candidate Andriy Ilyenko and secretary of the Kyiv City State Council, co-owner of the Epicenter hypermarkets network Halyna Hereha are competing.

ForUm Photoreporter Maksym Trebukhov and his colleague from the Left Coast news agency were shooting from the field. In particular, they photographed dozens of buses with the logo "Epicenter" near the DEC. After the ForUm press photographer and his colleague approached the buses, about a dozen men in sporty leather jackets came out of the buses and rudely demanded to show the documents, what the photo reporters did. When the men were asked to introduce themselves, the press photographers were sprayed tear gas at their faces. As Maksym Trebukhov told, the unknown sprayed liquid gas, usually used by the Interior Ministry officers.

After the incident, the photo reporters addressed the law enforcement officers, who were present at the DEC. According to Maksym Trebukhov, the officers refused to take petition, but asked to write an explanation.

In turn, ForUm learned from the Kyiv Interior Ministry department that the police shall conduct initial inquiry following any petition filed. The decision on initiating the criminal proceedings shall be taken upon the expiration of ten days.

ForUm recalls that, under Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, Willful preclusion of legal professional activities of journalists shall be punishable by a fine up to 50 tax-free minimum incomes, or arrest for a term up to six months, or restraint of liberty for a term up to three years.

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