The biggest load regarding receipt of the DECs’ protocols with wet stamps is expected later this week, member of the Central Election Commission Mykhailo Okhendovsky told ForUm.

"It is absolutely clear that tomorrow (October 31) there will be more protocols than today, and the CEC meeting will begin immediately in the morning, as soon as the DECs are ready to submit the relevant information," Okhendovsky said.

"Obviously, the peak load on the CEC will be on Thursday, Friday and possibly Saturday," he mentioned.

Also, according to Okhendovsky, it is incorrect to say that the DECs should submit their reports till a certain deadline. "The CEC has 15 days to establish and announce the results of the parliamentary elections. The deadline, set by law, is November 12, 2012. These terms have not been violated never in the history of the Ukrainian elections," the CEC member said.

Okhendovsky is sure that the CEC will announce the election results within the statutory period.

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