Bank executives believe that honest deeds supported by clients' trust form positive corporate image of financial institutions. This is what the results of the research of the Agency of strategic decisions "Holub and Shynkarenko" shows, leading partner of the agency Inna Shynkarenko told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports. 

"One of the goals of the research was to analyze publicity of banks (informational transparency and openness) and main threats influencing the corporate image. The research was held among 71 banks. The research tools included E-polling, analysis of bank websites, interview with board directors and department chiefs, monitoring of leading business media of the country," Shynkarenko specified.

The specialists noted that the research results showed that according to the respondents, corporate image influences people's attitude and loyalty of clients. Among the most important factors of corporate image formation 92% of banks named clients' trust, 86% pointed out personal image of the director or owner and 32% of respondents referred to the popularity in media.

At the same time, Shynkarenko reported that among the main threats to the image there were named such factors as disinformation and rumors (95%), negative or biased covering of bank activities by mass media (82%) and poor business results (31%).

The majority of respondents (87%) believe their banks are public, open and transparent, while 13% admit theirs are not.

Estimating their own banks, 73% of respondents declared their banks have positive image, 25% believe their banks have neutral reputation and only 2% admitted to have problems with the image.
"However, many banks do not fully understand what the image is, and often treats this phenomenon as something momentary. At the same time, almost all of respondents agreed that to restore the image a bank might need years," Shynkarenko underlined.

Moreover, according to the specialist, 92% of banks believe it is their task to improve financial literacy of the population, though half of the respondent could not specify what they did for this.


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