Finish of the election campaign and parliamentary elections released rate of the national currency against the U.S. dollar from political pressure. In the near future the bankers do not expect its fluctuations, promising 8.2-8.25 UAH / USD rate.

The preliminary results of the parliamentary elections have insignificantly influenced the value of foreign currency in Ukraine. Yesterday, dollar rose by 0.1 kopecks on cashless market, compared with Friday's trading, reaching, according to currency indicator, the level of 8.176-8.185 UAH. However the new value is a three years maximum - last time the U.S. currency cost so in November 9, 2009.

The bankers explain this by saying that political factors have ceased to put pressure on the currency. "The demand for cash dollars on Monday was around two times lower than on Friday, but we did not change the price. This indicates that the panic has subsided,” the treasurer of one of the major banks said. – “The results of the election are virtually clear. The country has no dramatic changes, so the global factors will hardly put pressure on the exchange rate".

Experts believe that demand for currency can decrease. "Traditionally, pressure on the hryvnia weakens after the elections. After the presidential election in February 2010, it has grown in two months by 2-2.5%, but then the world, and the Ukrainian economy had a growth,” head of information-analytical center "Forex Club Ukraine" Mykola Ivchenko said. – “Now the situation is worse, so we cannot expect strengthening of the Ukrainian currency. We can only hope that the dollar will continue growing in the market not very fast."

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