Violations in the vote during the parliamentary elections in Ukraine were not massive and systematic, chairman of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Oleksandr Chernenko told a press conference on the "Preliminary Assessment of voting and vote counting in parliamentary elections on 28 October 2012", ForUm correspondent reports.

Chernenko said that violations of the electoral law during the preparation and conduct of the voting was recorded in all regions of Ukraine.

"These violations were not massive and systematic ... Most of these problems will not affect the results in the nationwide constituency, but can skew results of 10-15 constituencies," he said.

According to Chernenko, the most serious violation was bribing of voters directly near the polling station. In addition, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine is concerned about a large number of voters at home.

In addition, Chernenko noted that observers reported about such violations as "carousel", frauds with lists, misuse of stamp "withdrawn".

Of the benefits of elections, the head of the Committee named the fat that all the observers were allowed to polling stations.

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