Current parliamentary elections in Ukraine were accompanied by a large number of violations than the previous parliamentary and presidential elections, ENEMO Observation Mission considers.

"We observed the Ukraine’s elections in 2006 and 2007. We can say that there were more election violations this year," head of ENEMO Mission Peter Novotny said on Monday night.

However, he admitted that the situation is reasoned by a change in the electoral system.

Among the most serious violations, the head of the Mission called buying votes, "carousel", the dispatch of the voters on the buses.

Novotny also noted that at some polling stations voters were given one ballot instead of two and at one station observers recorded stamped "withdrawn" in front of the All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom" (Svoboda). In some areas it was observed using disappearing ink.

Novotny said that dozens of people in Kyiv could not vote because they did not find themselves on the list, although had been invited to vote.

The ENEMO Mission produced two reports on the campaign. The preliminary findings and recommendations the mission will present on Monday.



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