At 8 pm, the polling stations to vote in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of the seventh convocation were closed.

33 thousand 769 polling stations in 225 geographical constituencies were created. Ukrainians abroad voted at 116 polling stations.

The voters’ list included 36 million 83 thousand citizens.

The Ukrainians elected 450 new MPs under the proportional-majoritarian system: 225 deputies are elected on party lists (they have to overcome 5% electoral threshold), another 225 deputies are elected in single-mandate constituencies.

87 political parties participated in the elections. 21 parties nominated 2.643 candidates on party lists, and 66 parties nominated their candidates only in single-mandate constituencies.

2.654 single-mandate candidates are running in 225 single-mandate constituencies, of them 1.502 were nominated by parties and 1.152 candidates are running for the Parliament by self-nomination.

As of 4 pm, 45.36% of voters voted in all 225 counties.

3797 observers from foreign states and international organizations came to the elections.

The elections could be observed online via the portal

On the Election Day, as of 4 pm, the police received 73 reports directly or indirectly related to the electoral process.

According to the legislation and the schedule adopted by the CEC, the Central Election Commission shall establish the parliamentary elections’ results not later than on November 12 and on the fifth day after it shall officially make the results public and publish lists of the elected deputies.

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