Unprofessional exit polls have been conducted during the parliamentary elections at the polling stations, director of the Democratic Initiatives Fund Iryna Bekeshkina told ForUm correspondent.

According to her, there are many fake exit polls during these parliamentary elections. "This morning we repeatedly observed representatives of various "exit polls" who were standing and doing nothing. This means that the results of such "polls" will be falsified," she said.

Bekeshkina added that another option of dishonest approach is the lack of an exit poll methodology. "For example, many representatives of the so-called "exit polls" told us that they interview only people, who wish to participate in the exit poll. This fact violates the basic methodological principles of the survey, under which the predetermined demographic sampling shall be interviewed. Alternatively, people introduce themselves as representatives of sociological structures or media, such as television studios," Bekeshkina concluded.

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