It is not profitable for Ukraine to buy the expensive Russian gas, President Viktor Yanukovych told journalists in Kharkiv on Thursday.

"It is really not profitable for us to buy the expensive gas from Russia today, and that's why we will do everything to buy cheaper gas," Yanukovych said.

According to him, Ukraine is ready to seek alternatives to the Russian gas sources. "We will buy it somewhere where it is possible. It's not because we disrespect Russia, it's because this brings us no profit. I think our Russian partners understand this very well. And when they consider the whole issue thoughtfully together with us, then we will find a solution," Yanukovych noted.

He stressed that Ukraine is ready for a partner dialogue. "A compromise is something that usually opens a way to a solution, when both sides reach an agreement. We are ready for this, but on equal terms, as they say," the President said.

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