Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is sure that the Verkhovna Rada of the seventh convocation will work more effectively than the current membership of the Parliament.

"I am sure that the Parliament will work more effectively. I think our voters will elect people that are able to work effectively in the new Parliament. I think that professionalism of deputies will improve year after year and elections after elections. The number of populists will decrease, and our country will benefit from this," the President told journalists at Kharkiv-based Turboatom on Thursday.

The head of state expressed hope that Ukraine will become more united after every election in the future.

"I wish the opposition between East and West became weaker and weaker. I wish we understood that no one will do everything for our country except for us. The fewer advisers on our life at our home we have, I mean outside [Ukraine], the more comfort we'll feel at our home, in Ukraine. No good man will come to our land to take care of our senior citizens, our children and grandchildren, we have to think about it ourselves," Yanukovych said.

He also expressed hope that after the elections, Ukraine will become closer to the establishment of a strong state with a competitive economy.

"Our country has to become better and our people should live better. We have obligations to the people, and we realize that we are responsible. We will do everything to make our country stronger and better after the elections," the head of state noted.

When asked where he will vote on October 28, Yanukovych said that he will vote as usual in his constituency in the Obolonsky district of Kyiv.

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