Surrogate motherhood is a forced necessity, but not a commerce, obstetrician-gynecologist, fertility specialist and expert on female infertility Nataliya Dankovych told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"Surrogacy is used when a woman has a very serious pathology including tumors or abnormalities of the uterus, heart disease and others. This is a forced medical necessity," she stressed.

Dankovych denies the fact that surrogacy is commercial, and foreigners come to Ukraine to take advantage of this method.

She reminded that the Parliament adopted the law that regulates surrogacy. According to the document, if a person comes from a country where surrogacy is banned, he will not be able to use this method in Ukraine.

In addition, Dankovych supports a ban of surrogate mothers to donate eggs. "Gender surrogacy has never permitted in Ukraine. A surrogate mother should not have her biological material that is to be a real mother of the child she carries," Dankovych summed up.


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