As of today, the National Bank of Ukraine has all opportunities to preserve the stability of the national currency, executive director of the Independent Association of Banks of Ukraine Serhiy Mamedov declared.

"I am sure that there are opportunities, powers and tools to ensure the exchange rate within target indicators adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the National Bank," he said.

He noted that the NBU smoothes effectively the fluctuations. At the same time, all kinds of predictions about possible weakening of the national currency to 10-12 UAH / USD only complicate the task of the National Bank to ensure the stability of hryvnia.

"The growth rate to 10-12 UAH / USD will lead to the new wave of the crisis, and we will have no production and the GDP growth. And these talks about the course of 12 UAH / USD just drive us into a corner," Mamedov stressed.


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