Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych believes that violations of the electoral process are mainly related to the personal qualities of the candidates, he said during the press conference in Kyiv.
"It all depends on the personality of the candidate and the various human factors, including emotional ones," he said.

Yanukovych admitted that there are enough violations of different nature in the course of the elections, and they mainly happen in the single-mandate constituencies.

The President reminded that special commissions monitor the electoral process and promptly respond to existing violations.

"Wherever possible, we react by administrative methods, but the majority of violations are not systematic," he said.

As Yanukovych said, all violations of the electoral law should be subject to review in the respective courts.

The President said that the government set itself a task that no violation is left without consideration.

"I would like to emphasize that almost all the heads of the regional administrations understand the responsibility of the government in preparation for the elections and especially on the election day ... We will do everything to make the vote count real, just, and in general elections are held in equal conditions for all participants in the election campaign," Yanukovych said.



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