Finance minister Yuri Kolobov considers that the policy conducted by the government is laying the foundation for macroeconomic stabilization and improvement of the investment climate in Ukraine.
During the meeting with representatives of the EU delegation led by the head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Ian Tombinsky, Kolobov spoke about the reforms being implemented in Ukraine. He said that a priority of the Ukrainian government is to stimulate economic activity, as it will provide not only the state treasury revenue growth, but the growth of income of its citizens as well. According to Kolobov, the Ukraine’s government also conducts the prudent monetary policy to support the stability of the national currency and a safe level of inflation.

In addition, the finance minister said that in order to sustain economic growth and, considering the increase in demand for government securities, Ukraine has significantly increased its presence on international financial markets, as well as on the domestic stock market.
Speaking of the budget, Kolobov said that the plan is executed on time and in full, and the initiated economic reforms will contribute to this trend in the future. In turn, it lays the basis for a realistic and balanced budget for the next year.

The EU representatives supported the Ukrainian course for reform and measures aimed at economic development. They also expressed interest in further cooperation.

Summing up, Kolobov said that fruitful cooperation between Ukraine and the EU is an important foreign policy priority on the way to European integration.

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