Following FIFA’s historic decision to approve the usage of goal-line technology (GLT), the first two technology providers, GoalRef and Hawk-Eye, have signed licence agreements. This milestone in the GLT process, which began in 2011, means that the two companies now have official authorization to install their respective goal-line technology systems worldwide.

Once a system has been installed in a stadium, the system undergoes a final inspection to check its functionality. The results of the final installation test must be accepted by the licensee's customer, i.e. the competition organizer, club or stadium operator, before the system can be put into operation, FIFA website reports.

Only a positive final installation test qualifies a system to be used in official matches. When this occurs, the system is awarded the FIFA QUALITY PRO mark.

As a reminder, FIFA agreed to install goal-line technology system after a series of serious errors by referees at tournaments of high level, including world championship of 2010 in South Africa and Euro-2012 in Ukraine and Poland.


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