If elections are held on a decent level, this will give a new impetus to the development of relations with the European Union, first vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Valeriy Khoroshkovsky said in interview with Bloomberg, the press service of official informs.

"We’re aware of the importance of holding honest, democratic and fair elections, and we have solved this problem comprehensively: we have invited the maximum number of observers (about five thousand people), entrusted exit polls to independent companies and welcome the media monitoring over equality of access of all participating political parties in elections to the media. Certainly, there are flaws. We try to correct them promptly. The fact that the elections will be held under the majoritarian principle as well makes situation more complex. But the most important fact is that from elections to elections we are building up the culture of their holding," Khoroshkovsky said.

He also said that the holding of free and fair elections will give an impetus to resume relations with the EU. "We hope that the results of the vote, whatever they may be, will be recognized, and therefore, it will give us the opportunity to deal with European projects. We really look forward to the signing of the Association Agreement," Khoroshkovsky said.

First vice Prime Minister of Ukraine said that Ukraine remains committed to the European Union. "After the elections we will pass the point of signing the Association Agreement - this is the point of no return, which will allow us to quickly move towards the European community," he stressed.

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