Voting papers will be delivered to the polling stations on time, deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission Andriy Mahera told a briefing following the CEC meeting, ForUm correspondent reports.

"Today or tomorrow, the ballots will be delivered to district election commissions of all single-mandate constituencies and getting closer to the election day, on Thursday or Friday, and somewhere on Saturday, the ballots are to be delivered to the precinct election commissions. It will be done within the time limits prescribed by the law," Mahera said.

The official also confirmed that, in connection with this process, the CEC members of the will have official missions.

"There is a number of issues associated not only with the delivery of ballots, there are other arrangements, so the CEC members sent on a mission," deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission said.

At the same time, Mahera expressed confidence that despite the missions, the CEC will have a quorum for meetings and decision-making.

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