The prosecutor's office of Dnipropetrovsk region has confirmed that Viktor Sukachov and Lev Prosvirin, two suspects in the April bombings in Dnipropetrovsk, have gone on hunger strike.

"Today we received information that Lev Prosvirin wrote a statement and began a hunger strike. Viktor Sukachov previously wrote a statement and announced a hunger strike. There was no statement from Dmytro Reva on the start of the hunger strike, and the fact of his hunger strike has not been confirmed," the press service of the prosecutor's office of Dnipropetrovsk region reported on Monday.

According to the report, Prosvirin announced a hunger strike after a film about the bombings in Dnipropetrovsk "Hell's Hell" was shown on a Ukrainian television channel.

"As Prosvirin stated, he does not agree with how he was presented by the filmmakers. This triggered the start of the hunger strike," the press service said.

On October 16, Sukachov wrote a statement on the start of his hunger strike, which he does not link to his detention conditions.

On October 19, an advisor to the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional branch of the Svoboda Party, Andriy Denysenko, after communicating with the relatives of the suspects, said that Reva had started a hunger strike.

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