The National strategy for preventing child neglect till 2020 increases and broadens scope of families eligible for state support, children’s ombudsman Yuri Pavlenko told a briefing, ForUm learned from the President’s press office.

"The National strategy sets the task to provide the families not only with material aid. This document provides for psychological, educational, legal, and other possible intangible assistance," he said.

In particular, a wide range of social, psychological, legal and other assistance will be granted to families where parents, for whatever reason, cannot provide the proper maintenance and care of the child, families whose children are educated in boarding schools, families, in which there are people with special needs, families of migrant workers, families in which the parents neglect their duties, families in which a child or several children are taken away from their parents following the court’s ruling (with or without the deprivation of parental rights) who intend to apply to the court for the restoration of those rights.

In addition, the strategy covers families, in which the parents violate the rights of the child, families under divorce, resolving the dispute between the mother and the father's place of residence of children, families with children and single mothers, who may leave the child in hospital or health care, etc.

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