The bill, initiated by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, expected to expand categories of citizens having the right to get EU visa under simplified procedure was registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
The text of the draft law on ratification of the Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union to amend the Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union on visa facilitation has been published on the official website of the Parliament.

Under the draft law, the simplifications in issuance of multiple-entry visas shall cover journalists and members of the technical staff, people accompanying journalists, NGOs representatives, who regularly travel to the Member States for the purpose of educational training, seminars, conferences, including exchange programs , participants in official programs of the EU cross-border cooperation, students and post-graduate students, who regularly travel for the purpose of study or educational training, including exchange programs, representatives of the religious communities, representatives of the professions participating in international exhibitions, conferences, symposia, seminars and other similar events held in the territory of Member States.
In addition, it is expected that Member States will charge a fee for processing visa applications of 70 euros when an applicant requestes a review of its visa application within three days of the submission of such a request on the ground that he resides at a considerable distance from the visa center and the consulates of the Member State has agreed to take a decision within three days.

In addition, citizens of Ukraine, having biometric passports can enter, leave and transit through the territory of the Member States without visas.

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