Recently Ukraine has conducted more balanced policy between Russia and the European Union and Europe should encourage this trend, former President of the European Commission, former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said.

"The relations between Europe and Russia is crucial should be strengthened simultaneously with implementation of policies involving Ukraine, which should become a "bridge" between the EU and Russia," Prodi said in a video message to the Innovation and International Integration Forum, held is Verona (Italy).
According to him, it is necessary to "investigate in depth all the problems, prospects and long-term interests, as it is clear that the EU still needs Russian direction.

"We and Russia are interested in stabilizing relations in the long term, involving settlement of the most important issue, which threatens our relationships - Ukraine," the ex-president of the European Commission said.

He emphasized: "In recent years Ukraine has conducted a much more balanced policy between Russia and the EU. We should contribute to this trend, make sure that Ukraine is really a bridge between Russia and Europe. We are fully interested in Ukraine to be prosperous and stable."


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