For January-September of 2012, profit of the banking system amounted to 2.8 billion UAH compared with 5.6 billion UAH of loss for the same period in 2011, the website of the National Bank of Ukraine reported

The incomes of banks increased by 7.1% to 110.822 billion UAH, while the interest income numbered 87.227 billion UAH and the commission income - 15.496 billion UAH.

The expenses decreased by 1% to 108.047 billion UAH, including the interest expense of 49.534 billion UAH, the general administrative expenses - 26.654 billion UAH and allocations to reserves - 18.940 billion UAH.

In September of 2012, the loss of banks amounted to 119 million UAH, despite the fact that the previous two months were profitable (August - 653 million UAH, July - 683 million UAH).

The banking system of Ukraine reduced its loss by 40% to 7.708 billion UAH in 2011 compared to 2010.


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