Ukrainians can pay eight thousand hryvnia for online shopping, director of the National Bank of Ukraine General Department for Information Technology and Payment Systems Natalia Sinyavskay informed.

"Electronic money is kind of calculations used in small amounts for payments on the Internet. To get e-money to the account, a client does not need to go to the bank, open an account, pay in. A client can do evertyhing at home, at the computer. Opening electronic account, he can make cashless replenishment or purchase a scratch card with the appropriate recharge. Thus, the customer gets the money to the account," Sinyavskaya said.

According to her, electronic money can be used on the Internet to buy goods or services.

"The main thing that Ukrainians should know is that money is not personalized. This means that a small amount of money (now sum is limited to eight thousand hryvnia) does not have an ID, to whom it belongs. You enter parameters (phone number or a different set of numbers) but your first and last names are hidden. That is why this system is used for small purchases on the Internet. Money has expression only in electronic form. They cannot be touched. If you have any amount left, you can then convert them into cash," she said.



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