Each year, about eight thousand women in Ukraine die from the breast cancer, chief expert of the Health Ministry on oncology Ivan Smolanka told a press conference to mark the World Day against Breast Cancer, ForUm correspondent reports.

"Among women, with breast cancer ranks the first place in the cancer structure. Each year, about 16 thousand women identify signs of this disease," the oncologist said.

The doctor noted that a woman identifies signs of this disease by self-exam in 80% of cases. According to Smolanka, the main reason for the high mortality rate is that a quarter of women after finding the warning signs turn to the professionals with the extensive-stage disease.

According to him, this happens due to the fact that women are afraid of losing their breast.

Meanwhile, the oncologist noted that there are following risk factors for the breast cancer: genetic inheritance, age after 40, late delivery, frequent abortions, thyroid disease, incorrect treatment of benign pathology, alcohol abuse and smoking.


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