Creation a separate processing centre for the stock market is quite right idea, the NBU board Ihor Prasolov said during the discussion "Ukraine and its investors: who will control the ownership of the securities?", ForUm correspondent reports.

"In our country, as in any other, risks have to be separated. This is stipulated in the law: depository will deal exclusively with the stock account, not money and calculations. If you read through the law, then it can be seen: the processing centre shall deal exclusively with transactions "delivery versus payment". It can also become a central counterparty, which will guarantee the execution of transactions - today the stock market does not have these guarantees," he said.

"In addition, the processing centre could, if necessary, take additional liquidity from the National Bank - is also a big help to guarantee all transactions. The depositary should not bear any, even the slightest, risk - only property rights accounting," Prasolov said.

According to him, "if we want to attract foreign investors, we have to concentrate that liquidity, which we have now. It is necessary to provide a high level of reliability, which is possible only under a separate processing centre of the stock market as it is done in the European market model. Then we can deal with actual market goals".

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