Bankers predict that people will be interested in buying treasury bills in foreign currency.

"So far, the number of tools allowing people to minimize currency risks is insufficient. The introduction of such a financial tool from by regulators and financial market actors (the Finance Ministry and the National Bank) is a positive step for the market. Currency treasury bills can be a major tool to reduce the currency risks," says the deputy director of the Platinum Bank finance department Oksana Ishchenko said.

According to the chairman of the Kreditprombank board Viktor Leonidov, the interest of the population in the new tool will be caused by its competitiveness with foreign currency deposits.
"Treasuries are equivalent to bank time deposits in their economic character. Therefore, in my opinion, it will increase competition in the banking sector," the banker indicates.

He also noted that the financial tool aims at increasing public confidence in the government.
Serhiy Romanovsky, deputy director of the Credit-Dnepr Bank treasurer’s office, agrees with his colleagues that the securities will be interesting for the population.

"Treasury bills in foreign currency can be a very interesting tool. If the market liquidity of these securities market is supported, of course, a significant share of foreign currency deposits will be transformed into the tool," the banker emphasizes. 

He also clarified that the interest will be caused by the fact that these securities are issued in bearer form.

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