Ukraine prevents the Black Sea Fleet from upgrading at legislative level, chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense, MP from Communist faction, commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy in 1998-2002 Vladimir Komoyedov said during round table in the State Duma.
He recalled that Ukraine requires additional agreement for rearming.

"We need to negotiate with Ukraine, as 18 additional agreements have not been finalized yet," he said.

According to him, Ukraine is blocking the possibility of renewal of the fleet at the legislative level, "making its own demands."

He also stressed that Russia have nothing to rearm the Black Sea Fleet with. "There is delay in rearmament of the Black Sea Fleet, probably because we have nothing to rearm with," Komoyedov said.

Komoyedov reminded that the last upgrade of the Black Sea Fleet happened under his command.
"Then we moved Samum missile hovercraft from the Baltic Fleet and brought 24 Su-24 battle-planes. That’s all," he said.

As reported, Russia plans to build six new submarines to increase combat readiness of Russia's Black Sea Fleet.

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