Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn predicts there will be no mass migration of deputies from one faction to another in the following convocation of the Parliament.

According to Lytvyn, most single-mandate candidates have already decided, what faction they would be included in, after entering the Parliament. "I think most of them have already decided and obviously they will get a real political help and other support from political forces, who expect that they will join their ranks," speaker said.

In addition, he considered that the issue does not arise in relation to those deputies who will run for on the party list because it's obvious that they will enter into a faction of the political forces, from which they came.

"So I do not think there will be Brownian motion. "I believe that the Parliament, which will begin work in mid-December will be more structured, and I would like it to be more responsible," Lytvyn said.

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