The Interior Ministry promised to tighten control over the activities of private security firms. Starting from October 18, its employees, in accordance with applicable law, will have the right to have and, if necessary, to use special devices - aerosols, rubber batons, gas and traumatic guns and the like, Interior Ministry press service informed.

"We have already implemented such controls and now we only tighten it," the press office informed, noting that the responsibility for the violation would have a different character, including denial of a security company license to implement appropriate security activity.

At the same time, the Interior Ministry noted that, in contrast to non-lethal weapons in the arsenal of the Interior Ministry, the private security firms will have the right to use non-lethal weapons only of much lower potency. As for the traumatic weapon, the individual private entities had it in possession before, the Interior Ministry noted.

However, the Interior Ministry said that the selection of candidates for a particular position in the security industry is conducted exclusively by the structure, responsible for the adequacy of and professionalism of the person recruited as the guard.

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