As ForUm correspondent reports, the new ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine Ian Tombinsky has already held meetings with representatives of the government, various political parties and non-governmental organizations.

"We need to focus on the use of Ukraine's natural potential," he said at the first meeting with journalists in Kyiv, adding that the path of European integration is the best way to modernize the country and to respond to future challenges.

According to the ambassador, the effectiveness of this method is proved by many countries.
Tombinsky also stressed that Ukraine needs to focus on the citizens especially in the context of the upcoming elections. "Citizens are well-prepared voters. Voters are not always the citizens," the Ambassador said.

He stressed that citizens must be well informed to make choice and to know that the elections "are not only rights but also obligations." "By voting, citizens must worry about their country," Tombinsky said.

He also said that he was working in Brussels as representative of Poland to the EU, was in a group of Eastern Partnership policy makers and knows the positions of the EU member states towards Ukraine, "ambitions and prospects of EU and Ukraine on a common goal."

Tombinsky also expressed the hope that this year Ukraine will be much more integrated into the different European institutions.

He reminded that he will be the EU ambassador to Ukraine for four years. The ambassador hopes that "Kyiv won’t be the disappointment".
The ambassador also apologized for not yet speaking the Ukrainian language and said that in the near future will try to learn the language well enough to communicate freely in Ukraine.

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