Agricultural safety is not a big problem for Ukraine, representative of the Ukrainian National Institute for Strategic Studies Iryna Klymenko said during the Moscow - Chisinau - Yerevan - Astana – Kyiv teleconference "Food security. Challenges facing the CIS countries", ForUm correspondent reports.

"Ukraine is very promising agricultural country. Agricultural safety is not a big problem for us, because our markets are full even in the most difficult years," the expert said.

Klymenko said Ukraine is also positioning itself as a player on the international markets and participates in global food security program. "In recent years our agricultural exports make up the growing share in the domestic foreign trade," she said.

The expert added that 2012 was difficult year for the metallurgy, "but the agricultural sector supported trade and its trade performance, according to the first 8 months of this year approaches to that of steel, but it's hard to say whether they will be equal by the end of the year. However, it’s the fact that the agricultural sector has been the subject of foreign economic security," she said.
At the same time Klymenko added that our agricultural sector requires modernization, increase in yields and productivity.
According to her, the producers of grain today are mostly competitors rather than partners, so the countries need to "agree on the rules for the good and bad times."

In turn, head of the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry Agriculture Department Leonid Sukhomlin noted that this year's total production of cereals is expected to reach 45-46 million tons, of which 16.3 million tons of wheat and more than 20 million tons of grain will for be exported.



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