The working group on finalizing the law on principles of national language policy approved the bill on amendments to the law and the draft concept of the state program for the comprehensive development and functioning of the Ukrainian language.

Thus, according to the document, the Ukrainian language shall have the status of the state language. Its use is mandatory in legal proceedings and paperwork, in the activities of public authorities, the armed forces, science and education fields, advertising.

In addition, the 75 per cent quota of broadcasting in the Ukrainian language for national TV and radio channels is established. Programs and films made in other languages must be duplicated, or provided with subtitles in the state language.
The law provides the list of regional languages: Belarusian, Bulgarian, Armenian, Gagauz, Yiddish, Karaite, Crimean Tatar, Krimchak, Moldavian, German, Modern Greek, Polish, Romani, Russian, Romanian, Slovak and Hungarian. The languages may have government support, if at least 30% of speakers of a language live in a particular area.

The Regional Council within 30 days shall file the relevant application to the Parliament, which "passes a law to promote and protect the regional language or the language of a national minority in a territorial community of the village, town or city." If a language receives the regional status in a certain area, the language is used in parallel with the state language.

The second document - the concept of the state program for the comprehensive development and functioning of the Ukrainian language - should ensure its full use in different areas. In particular, it is proposed to develop a new version of the rules of Ukrainian spelling, create centers and regular courses of the Ukrainian language for civil servants, military and other citizens of the country, as well as migrants.

A separate provision indicates the need for "effective mechanisms for monitoring compliance with the language legislation." However, the essence of these mechanisms is not specified.

In addition, the procedure for financing activities for the development of the Ukrainian language was developed. The state budget is to allocate more than 168 million UAH in 2013, more than 220 million UAH in 2014, more than 192 million UAH in 2015. The local budgets are proposed to allocate more than 1 million UAH up to 2015 for this purpose.



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