Customs Service of Ukraine has managed to provide the most efficient level of revenues in the budget at the current level of economic development and trade.

This year the customs fees plan is 137 billion UAH, which is 28% more than in 2011.

Ernst & Young expert Eduard Zlydenny believes that we should not overestimate the potential of revenues from the fight, particularly smuggling and gray import, given at least their instability.
It is difficult to require much higher customs fees from customs with the current market conditions of production and the market, he said.
He explains that, divorced from economic realities establishing plans to fill the state treasury is likely to increase fiscal pressure on legal business.

Thus, the imposition of export duties on certain categories of cereals in 2011, did not give the expected revenue, but significantly limited the competitiveness of Ukrainian products on world markets, which led to a significant drop in grain exports, financial losses to farmers, thus reduce in state revenues.

Analyst of the International Centre for Policy Studies Hanna Cherednichenko believes that the increase in duties on imported goods is unlikely to create comfortable working conditions for domestic producers. "As evidenced by theory and practice, increased barriers to free trade is good for the society as a whole, only in some cases," she said.

The analysts believe that the customs service today works at the edge of optimality as it can go to the conflict area of fiscal, trade and industrial interests soon.

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