"Yevminov Center", with the support of public organization "Desnyanska sloboda" has launched in Desnyanski district of the capital a large-scale program on prevention of spinal disorders among children "Osanka", honored chairman of PO "Desnyanska sloboda" Oleksandr Lishchenko informed.

"According to the 'Yevminov Center' data, 80% of children do not have spinal disorders in the first grade, but in ten years the figures hardly reach 7%. This is a sad statistics - the result of fast development of computer technologies. Our times can be labeled as the epoch of sedentary lifestyle. Children are absorbed by computers and TV and do not move enough. As a result, spinal disorders develop really fast. Parents do not see the initial stage of disorders, and for this, we have launched the large-scale program on diagnostics and prevention. The program will be carried out in schools of Desnyanski district," Lishchenko explained.

Meanwhile, honored coach of Ukraine Vyacheslav Yevminov noted that the state policy of healthcare is misbalanced. 

"According to WHO, health of children and adults depends on medicine and treatment only by 10%. 90% depends on healthy lifestyle. However, 90% of means Ukraine allocates for healthcare are aimed at that 10%, meaning the treatment of already developed disorders, not at prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyle. In particular, last year Kyiv city budget allocated 2.4 billion hryvnias for medicine and only 44 million for sport. You do the math - 90.8% against 1.7% of the total expenses for healthcare. Following this approach, how can we expect the health of our citizens to improve?" Yevminov said.

He also explained that the initiative "Osanka" is aimed at prevention of disorders. The diagnostics programs, with the help of photocomputer diagnostics method, will reveal disorders at the initial stage.

According to Lishchenko, the program has already been launched in schools of Desnyanski district, and children and their parents living in the district can already sign up for participation. 'When the group of applicants numbers 50-55 children, specialists of "Yevminov Center" will come and hold the complex diagnostics. Presence of parents is obligatory during the examination," Lishchenko added.


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