The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine informed that Ukrainian citizens abroad may check their personal data in the preliminary lists of voters at the polling stations abroad before the parliamentary elections.

"Ukrainian voters abroad have an excellent opportunity to check their data in the preliminary lists of voters. If any errors are discovered or if a voter is not included on the list, he or she may contact their district election commission and ask it to correct the mistake or put him or her on the lists," Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleksandr Dykusarov said.

According to him, under the electoral legislation, the Central Election Commission has to form the lists of voters, and the procedure for forming such lists is the same for the polling stations in Ukraine and outside it.

The election commissions will submit to the Central Election Commission both the preliminary lists and the updated ones.

Dikusarov added that the voters abroad have to register at the consulate regardless of their reasons for staying in the foreign country. The Foreign Ministry also said that the procedure of forming the lists voters was introduced in Ukraine in 2007.



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