Ukraine faces two waves of flu epidemic - the first one in the end of October - beginning of November, and the second one in February 2013, director of the Kyiv center of clinical immunology Oleg Nazar says.

According to the specialist, the epidemic is linked to unstable weather conditions - humidity and wet snow, which decrease activity of immune system. Moreover, this time Ukrainians will face new strains of flu virus.

"This year we expect new virus strains of A and B types: А/California/7/2009 (N1H1), А/Victoria/361/2011 (H3N2), В/Wisconsin/1/2010. The last two strains circulated in Ukraine six-seven years ago, thus people no longer have immune resistance to them," Nazar underlind.

The doctor also pointed out that the flu vaccine made 16-20 days before the beginning of the announced epidemic is the most effective, and people working in collectives, like medical workers, social workers and children - wards of state, especially need vaccination.

Nazar also gave some recommendations how to prevent and resist flu, namely to receive complete protein nutrition and to use spices and vegetable herbs.


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