Construction of the third and fourth "Nord Stream" pipelines are driven by demand for Russian gas in the medium and long term perspectives, head of "Gazprom" Alexei Miller told Russian channel "Russia 24".

"If we talk about the third or fourth pipelines, here the role of demand is essential. Russian gas is in demand today in Europe and will be in demand in the medium and long perspectives," Miller said.
He noted that currently there is decrease in energy and gas consumption due to the crisis in the euro zone, but it did not prevent "Gazprom" against supplying more gas in the past year than a year earlier.

"The explanation is very simple – decrease in its own gas production in Europe went faster than the declining demand for energy and, in particular, for gas. In the past year, "Gazprom" supplied 12 billion more than it was in the previous one," he said.
Miller noted that the reduction was observed in the work of all providers, working on the European market, except for Russia and Qatar. "However, in absolute terms, the largest increase in the European market was given by the Gazprom," he added.

On October 8, Miller said that the construction of the Nord Stream third and fourth pipelines is cost-effective and technically feasible.

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