Dances, songs, poetry, master-classes on cooking churchhela, toasts, Georgian cognac, shish kebab, lemonade - this is the way Kyiv celebrated Tbilisoba. Tbilisoba is the Day of Tbilisi, celebrated in Georgia since 1981, and in Ukraine for the first time. This festival is as important for Georgia as the Day of Kyiv for Ukraine. Andrew's Descent welcomed on Saturday Georgians, Ukrainians, Americans and other guests of the city with sunny autumn light, songs of Nino Katamadze and smells of Georgian cuisine.

For the first Tbilisoba in Ukraine, Georgian community showed its best representatives. Thinking of their Motherland, Georgians were dancing, singing their favorite song "Suliko" and remembering their great poets, writers, queens, play writers. People toasted for changes Georgia has undergone lately and spoke proudly about that the country is gaining back the image of peaceful Europeans. "Everything that happened in 90ies was not true Georgia," they say.

"Georgia is become itself. The power peacefully goes from one party to another. We have a monument to the Mother. In the upward hand she holds a bowl with wine and in the downward hand she holds a sword. Those who come to Georgia in peace can even take the Golden Fleece, but those who come with bad intentions will get desert. Georgia is created for rest, for guests and for business. We have all conditions for this. Our dream is to increase the tourist inflow up to 10 million people per year, more than the country's populations," Georgian ambassador to Ukraine Grigol Katamadze said.

Speaking on the stage the ambassador called upon all the guests of the festival to come to Georgia to prove his words right. The official reminded that one of the European airlines has opened low-cost flights Kyiv-Kutaisi. "We hope for renewal of railway traffic between our countries. Moreover, I dream about opening a Georgian cathedral in Kyiv," he added.

Not a word about politics or interethnic conflicts was said during the festival - only "Suliko", national Georgian dances and toasts. Tens of people were drinking for love, peace and health, for life and beauty given by God.

Tetyana Hryhorieva, photos by Viktor Kovalchuk


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