Massive rejection of single-mandate deputies to run in elections causes a real problem to produce the ballots in single-member constituencies, deputy head of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine Zhanna Usenko-Chorna told ForUm.

In particular, the deputy head of the Central Election Commission announced that all copies of election ballots in national multi-member districts have been already done.

"Production of ballots is very simple procedure, but during the elections 2012, this issue has become a real problem. Single-mandate deputies put the CEC on the spot regarding enforcement of its mission to print the ballots and thus provision of the successful holding of elections in some majority districts as a whole," Usenko-Chorna said.

The deputy head of the Central Election Commission reminded that as of today, about a third of issues considered by the CEC at the meetings concern cancellation of registration of single-mandate deputies candidates."

In addition, Usenko-Chorna stressed that if single-mandate deputies reject to run in the elections after the production of ballots, members of the precinct election commissions will have to put a stamp "retired" in documents in front of the ex-candidates.

Usenko-Chorna also reminded that ballots must be submitted to the district election commissions no later than seven days before the Election Day.


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