This Monday, October 1, three forestry areas of Zhytomyr region summed up the results of the work for the whole year. Thus, Belokrovitski forestry opened a new reserve of 70.5 hectares for keeping game animals in semi-free conditions.

The main goal of the reserve opening is to refill hunting areas with wild boar population. Before the hunting season, the animals will be freed.  For now, there are six sows and four males in the reserve. Animals appeared to be not so wild and did a twirl voluntarily.

Rangers intend to pay special attention to the security of the reserve and to supplementary feeding of animals. The reserve is fenced by perimeter. A new road was built around the reserve to monitor the area.

In the middle of the reserve, there are two control towers for rangers to cover the whole territory.

It is also planned to build five supplementary feeding platforms on the territory of the reserve.

Chairman of the State forest resources agency of Ukraine Viktor Sivets believes that Zhytomyr region has done its best with the opening of the reserve and forestry roads.

Opening of such roads is very important for inhabitants of nearby villages, where road interchange leaves much to be desired.

The guest of the opening ceremony went to look around the land plot...

New roads have simplified the live of inhabitants of villages near Yavnevskiy forestry. This year forestry authorities have built 3.2 km of road and plan on construction of another 15 km in the future.

In total, seven reserves for keeping game animals in semi-free conditions and 650 km of forestry roads have been opened in Ukraine.

Tetyana Matsur, photos by Viktor Kovalchuk


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