Tobacco packing warning messages will soon appear in Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian newspaper "Kommersant-Ukraine", the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, requiring manufacturers and importers of tobacco products to publish on the packages an image to warn of the dangers of smoking, came into force yesterday.

First, the Healthcare Ministry presented the Cabinet of Ministers 37 images, widely used by manufacturers of tobacco products in the EU. Those, in particular, were the images of a man’s corpse, neck and throat affected by cancer and children in clouds of tobacco smoke.
According to the Ministry, as a result the Cabinet approved ten the most neutral pictures. Among them - the X-ray images of lung affected by cancer, a woman's face next to the skull, woman, with an empty baby carriage.

The market operators assure that the need to publish the graphic images on cigarette packs will not increase the cost of tobacco products. However, manufacturers have suffered occasional losses.
The Healthcare Ministry found it difficult to predict when cigarettes packs with such pictures will appear in retail stores.

As reported, according to the State Service of Statistics, there were 8.6 million smokers over 12 years old in 2011.



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