Manufacturers and importers will be required to indicate information on the presence in food of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) provided that their share in the product exceeds 0.9%.

As the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry press service informs, the bill on amendments to some Ukrainian laws on informing about the presence in food of genetically modified organisms was approved at the Cabinet’s meeting on October 3.

According to the Ministry, according to the laws in force in Ukraine, manufacturers and importers are required to put "GMO free" labeling on any food product packing, including the food not related to genetic engineering (salt, water), which is contrary to the requirements of EU legislation and other countries.
"This bill is worked out to correct the situation being developed in Ukraine in terms of labeling food products containing GMOs," Ministry press service representatives noted.

The Agrarian Policy Ministry emphasized that the adoption of this bill will address the issue of food labeling of products, which contain or are produced from GMOs, and food products that are not related to genetic engineering, eliminate unnecessary barriers and unnecessary costs in food business.

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