Ukraine's ambassador to Poland Markijan Malski predicts that 3-5 thousand Ukrainians, residing in Poland, will vote in the Ukraine’s parliamentary election in Poland.

According to Malski, four polling stations will work in Poland - in three general consulates and in the consulate in Warsaw.

The Ambassador stressed that today the stations are fully equipped and provided with all the necessary technical equipment and materials.

"Ukrainians, who live in Poland, can fully exercise their right to vote," he said at the meeting of the press club in the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

The ambassador said that the Ukrainian election is the focus of much attention for leadership of Poland, Polish political elite, experts and political scientists.

Malski said the Polish foreign minister together with the foreign ministers of the Visegrád Four appealed to the foreign minister of Ukraine Kostyantyn Hryshchenko with the letter, in which they expressed hope that the elections in Ukraine will be fair, transparent and democratic.

The ambassador also said that holding of election in Ukraine at the proper level will enable Ukraine to intensify negotiations on the Association Agreement signing.

He also expressed hope that the election in Ukraine will be watching by a group of observers from Poland.

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