Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych once again declares that other states must not put pressure on Ukraine.

Yanukovych said that Ukraine has always carefully analyzed and will analyze any signals that come from the European partners. He promised that Ukraine will react to these signals.

"But I said, and I want to reiterate that we do not accept any form of pressure on Ukraine ..." President Viktor Yanukovych said during the meeting with the heads of foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine, President’s press service informs.

He stressed that Ukraine can act in the legal field solely. "We are able to operate within the legal relations, but not emotionally motivated ones," Viktor Yanukovych said.
"If we do not clean the country of the dirt, accumulating over the years, the country will have no hope. 15 years of the atrocities, committed by corrupt officials, have left very bloody contribution," he said.

The President stressed that corrupt officials should be protected by legal, rather than political means.

"I know how much it bothers not only me, but everyone, but we have to go through this, and we will do it," Yanukovych said.

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