To learn your future, to break a hex spell, to open the third eye or to cast a love-spell - all this is now possible to do without even leaving the house. All you need is a computer with web camera and access to Internet. Modern technologies can help anyone to contact a hereditary witch or a psychic and to get online consultation.

Virtual occultists

In XXI century, exorcists from pavilions with crystal balls and skulls gradually move to Internet space. It's not a mass phenomenon yet, but first pioneers are already there. Domestic shamans have several reasons to reclaim the world web.

The main reason is a legal one. From February 4, 2012, the law banning advertisement of occult and mystic services on TV came into forces. Back then, several witches even promised to curse the parliament, and one of the law authors complained to journalists he received calls from unknown people, who threatened to hex the MP and cast celibacy wreath. The MPs, however, passed the law anyway.

Advertisement of occultist on TV have indeed disappeared, as well as magic sessions, during which fortunetellers answered questions of people on air. Printed media, however, especially small regional papers, do not follow the law in full, and fortunetellers keep publishing ads of their services, but present themselves as therapists or masters of ancient spiritual disciplines and sciences (Taoist, Vedic).

Internet, on the other hand, is a happy hunting ground. Fortunetellers create websites and publish ads in forums, chats and social nets. Fortunetellers and shamans work as internet-shops, promoting their services for a moderate charge. Through internet they can expand the client base, attract younger and mobile people, who do not read newspapers but spend hours in social networks.

A fortuneteller Nonna works in a chat. According to her, customers are storming her page. "I have so much work, that I don't have time for housekeeping. I have hired a housekeeper to do the work. I wake up very early and take orders from the morning. The most complicated orders I do in the morning, when I am in full force. I take a break in the afternoon and then receive the second wave of clients in the evening. Sometimes I have to work until midnight. As you see I don't lack customers," the fortuneteller says.

According to approximate calculations, there are 60 thousand exorcists in Ukraine, and 10 thousand out of the total are fortunetellers and visionaries, working in the capital. With such competition, internet audience looks like a fertile territory, as internet access is available to 42% of Ukraine's population.

Did you order magic?

Modern magicians keep up with the times and offer non-trivial enough services, for example homosexual love-spell. One of the shamans offers to use ancient rustic magic. Having studied the offers of exorcists, we've learned that gay love-spells is a must position in the price list of every internet-magician.

Most common services are solving problems in business and love. A client can even choose the duration of the spell. As it turns out, the love-spell can be cast for half a year, for several years or for the life term. Some witches offer help in leaving abroad, in legal proceedings, salary increase, car protection, etc.

Some magicians offer to cast spells through Skype. It's comfortable for both the client, who does not have to stand up from the sofa, and the fortuneteller, who does not need to decorate the whole room with magic amulets, but a small corner in front of the web camera. The cost of the magic session is 100 hryvnias and higher (depends on the fame of the exorcist). On average, 30-40 minutes of talk and rituals cost about 200 hryvnias.

It's interesting that in the US online-witches charge approximately the same amount of money. Having called a number from the advertisement, widely spread in Internet, an American can learn his future paying 99 cents for one minute of the talk. If the dialogue lasts half an hour, American magician earns almost 30 bucks or 240 hryvnias. Besides, in the US it is popular to send fate predictions by mail. For example, certain Madam Zora asks only 3 dollars for such service. On her website, Madam assures she observes confidentiality and does not send spam.

However, there are visionaries who ask bigger sums. For example, medium Safina, who lives somewhere on the West coast of US, charges 150 dollars for similar letter. On her web page she warns that she does not bear responsibility for decisions taken by a client, does not make diagnoses and that her predictions are of entertaining character.

The matter is that Americans are not very superstitious and do not believe in hexes and jinxes (some of them do not even know what it is). Americans are more concerned about aliens and apocalypses. Meanwhile, the social survey by "Levada-center" held in August showed that more than half of Russians believe in hexes and jinxes. In Ukraine the situation does not differ much, which means fortunetellers and magicians will never stay without work in CIS countries.

I want to be a fortuneteller, where can I study?

Despite the adopted anti-occult law, the State occupational classification still includes astrologists, fortunetellers and palm-readers. However, their activity is not subjected to the legislation. None of state institutions of Ukraine issues licenses of palm-readers or fortunetellers. Domestic magicians have three variants - to register as a private entrepreneur with fixed tax, to get a license for untraditional medicine practicing or to work without any registration documents, meaning underground.

Registering as private entrepreneurs, fortunetellers can say they sell amulets, for example, but they do have the right to render medical services or hold hypnosis sessions, as the Criminal Code of Ukraine forbids practicing healthcare activity without medical education and licenses. To get official license from the Health Ministry witches must pass theoretical and practical exam. If a magician succeeds, he will get a special license, but still will not be able to medicate without presence of 'traditional' doctor. For all years of independence, only 300 people have got such licenses, which is a very small percentage out of all workers of occult services. And if we speak about internet-space, chances to find a legal magician are minimal.

ForUm does not push its readers to believe or not to believe in magic. The Constitution guarantees us free choice of cult after all. However, it would be better to remember that there are many cases, when shamans of different kind can harm their clients. Thus, if you have an irresistible desire to communicate with other world, first ask your fortuneteller of choice about education. After the consultation, recall the "rule of two sources". Your chances to find the truth will increase if you talk with two and more people. We mean that having visited a magician it would not hurt to visit also a psychologist, therapist or church.

Alina Yeremeyeva


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